Information on our Nets, Beacons, and Repeaters

The Pack Rats initiated VHF nets on Monday night the first year the club was formed. The nets are now conducted on Monday and Tuesday nights of each week. The nets are open to all radio amateurs. The purpose of the nets is to promote activity and share information of a common interest to the VHF community. You do not have to be a member of the club to participate in any of the Pack Rat nets!

Day Time (Local) Frequency Control Station Grid
Monday 7:00PM

224.58 Repeater
Crosslinked to
442.900+ 123.0
441.150+ 88.5
443.950+ 131.8

WR3P FN20ji (repeater)

50.145 MHz
50.150 MHz Note the change!

N3RG FM29ki
  8:00PM 144.150 MHz K3GNC FN20ja
  8:30PM 222.125 MHz KB1JEY FN20je
  9:00PM 432.110 MHz WB2RVX FM29mt

The Pack Rats maintain several VHF+ beacons, which serve as propagation indicators and allow operators to test their receivers. Some of our beacons are located in Center City Philadelphia, others are in Mountain Top, Pa and near Pottstown, Pa.


 Packrat Beacons

Frequency Power Level Antenna Grid
50.080 MHz 0.3 W Temporarily off the air        
144.3 MHz  8 W  Halo                  FN21BE
222.062 MHz 4 W Temporarily off the air                
432.290 MHz 5 W Temporarily off the air                 




10 W


Yagi pointed to Phila. 



1296.264 5 W Temporarily off the air                
2304.3 10 W  2 Little Wheels   FN20DH
3456.200 5 W Temporarily off the air           
5760.3 5 W

 Alford Slot  


10368.3 3 W Alford Slot - Not yet Operational


W3SZ Beacon Frequency Observations
Many of the beacons are in an unheated/uncooled room and are subject to day to day frequency changes. 
  Our FN20DH and FN21BE beacons are GPS disciplined.


The Pack Rats maintain a 222MHz Repeater, W3CCX/R:

Output: 224.58
Input: 222.98
CTCSS: 136.5 (currently enabled)
Grid Square: FN20ij

And a 432MHz Repeater:

Output: 442.900
Input: 447.900
CTCSS: 123.0


Try the Sprints

Their short and fun!


 Use this link for more details