Cheese Bits February 2018

February 2018 Cheese Bits Contents:

  • January Contest Results for all participants
  • January Contest Current and Previous Aggregate Claimed Scores
  • January Contest Current and Previous 6 Years Scores by station
  • January meeting pictures
  • January Contest Reports (Soapbox)
  • Protect your gear  - inexpensive instrument cases NN3Q/R
  • Contest Report K1DS
  • Contest Report N3RG
  • Contest Report K3IUV
  • Temporary contest antenna setup
  • K0BAK/R January Rover Ops
  • Contest Wrap-Up Meeting Pictures K3JJZ
  • Antennas and Tower(s) K3IPM
  • Contest Setup Pictures On the Bands - K3GNC
  • The Wayback Machine - K3IUV
  • Tribute to Jim Malone WA3LBI (SK)
  • BNC Wrench - Product description
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